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Our team has a wide range of skills, from body recoveries to marine salvage and coral surveys. Poni Marine is available 24/7, all year round, working in all types of weather and all kinds of underwater conditions. Below you’ll find a list of selected projects to highlight our wide range of engineering, subsea & public safety projects for the maritime, construction, and media industry. Please inquire to see a full list of our projects.

Subsea & commercial diving projects such as vessel propeller entanglement, dam inspections, mooring block deployments are just a few of the projects you will find below. Other highlighted projects related to public safety diving include body recoveries and search & recovery for lost equipment and coral surveys & underwater sample collection for scientific expeditions by our scientific diving outfit are also included below.

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Subsea - Inspection, Vessels, Marine Construction, Public Safety
Public Safety Diving (UW Body Recovery)

SUBSEA - Public Safety Diving (UW Body Recovery)

2019-08-12 - Deepwater Body Recovery

The Poni Marine Dive Team conducted a body recovery operation for a sunken boat where 12 lives were lost in Malaysian waters 3 nautical miles from the Malaysia - Brunei water border. Two bodies were found and recovered successfully from 50m depths and handed over to the Malaysian Maritime Unit.
Inspections & Surveys (UW Survey)

SUBSEA - Inspections & Surveys (UW Survey)

2019-07-19 - MPABD Navigation Light Tower UW Survey

Our divers completed a UW survey on the navigation light tower at the Muara Channel for repair job planning for Yeng Tong Construction Sdn Bhd.
SUBSEA - Marine Construction (UW Pipe & Cable Installations)

SUBSEA - Marine Construction (UW Pipe & Cable Installations)

2017-11-21 - Coastal Water Intake 100m Pipeline Extension - CONSTRUCTION

The Poni Marine Engineering & Dive Teams were contracted to launch HDPE pipes out to sea at the Tutong area to join with the existing water intake pipeline via a butt fusion jointing process to extend the existing water intake pipeline another 100m out to sea for a cleaner water intake. Works included search & recovery for the concealed existing pipeline, small-scale dredging, cutting, pipeline blockage removal, and lifting. New HDPE pipes were launched out to sea from the beach due to the lack of other feasible alternatives for jointing with assistance from a hired self-propelled work barge. Bad year-end weather made for challenging work conditions but the jointing process was successful with the HDPE pipes handed over to another contractor.
SUBSEA - Marine Construction (Moorings, Buoys & Anchoring)

SUBSEA - Marine Construction (Moorings, Buoys & Anchoring)

2017-04-25 - Brunei Tourism Dept Mooring Block Fabrication & Deployment

Poni won the project tender bid to build and deploy two 2-ton cement mooring blocks with a submerged buoy for the Tourism Department, Ministry of Primary Resources & Tourism to reduce incidents of anchoring on coral reefs by dive boats at Pelong Rock protecting the reefs. To transport and deploy the cement blocks, our engineering team built its own work barge 40 feet x 11 feet, Poni Alpha 1, with a deployment hatch in the center for the cement block and a A-frame hoist overhead the hatch. The two 2-ton cement blocks were fabricated to specifications with a submerged buoy via heavy chain and a pickup buoy visible on the water surface for dive boats to tie onto. The cement blocks were deployed successfully at Pelong East (5m) and Pelong South (12m) with our barge, Poni Alpha 1, following permits from the Marine Department across 2 days.
SUBSEA - Public Safety Diving (Search & Recovery)2

SUBSEA - Public Safety Diving (Search & Recovery)

2017-03-15 - Search & Recovery Blackwater Jungle River

Poni Marine Dive Team led a search & recovery operations for lost equipment in the jungle areas of the Tutong River with support from the British Forces Brunei in unison with the Brunei Navy Dive Team for 5 days. Strong currents, cold waters, blackwater zero visibility, muddy bottoms, crocodiles, numerous underwater obstructions with logs & tree branches made for difficult diving conditions.
SUBSEA - Vessel Services (Inspections)

SUBSEA - Vessel Services (Inspections)

2017-04-11 - OOC Leopard Propeller & Azimuth Thruster Inspection

Poni Marine divers completed an inspection dive on the propeller and azimuth thrusters on the OOC Leopard, for Offshore Carriers GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, and checked the blade flanges, steering shaft, propeller hub shaft, and seal of cap.
SUBSEA - Marine Construction (Marine Salvage & Recovery)

SUBSEA - Marine Construction (Marine Salvage & Recovery)

2016-04-11 - ADCP Deepwater Search & Recovery

Our divers were called out to search for a missing ADCP in deepwater 42m further beyond the Outer Anchorage for Maju Geohydro Sdn Bhd. Due to its depth, our divers conducted the search on JJ-CCR rebreathers on mixed gases for an extended bottom time. A magnetic survey was done to identify a series of locations to start the search. After 2 days of searching, the missing ADCP was found and recovered successfully and deployed at a later date.
SUBSEA - Inspections & Surveys (UW Surveys)

SUBSEA - Inspections & Surveys (UW Surveys)

2015-09-15 - PMB Eastern Channel Obstruction Survey

The Poni Marine Dive Team conducted surveys at 9 points for Dredging International, DEME, Singapore, to investigate obstructions that were found in an earlier hydrographic survey of the area for the channel deepening project. Strong currents and zero visibility required our divers to use circular search patterns. Big logs, rocks, and a sunken crane were found.
SUBSEA - Inspections & Surveys (UW Surveys)

SUBSEA - Inspections & Surveys (UW Surveys)

2015-06-09 - Mengkubau Reservoir Inspection

Divers from Poni Marine completed a survey & assessment dive at one of the Mengkubau Reservoir water intake towers for Elmech Engineering to identify plugging methods.
SUBSEA - Inspections & Surveys (Hydrographic Survey & UW Surveys)

SUBSEA - Inspections & Surveys (Hydrographic Survey & UW Surveys)

2015-04-24 - MPABD Dolphin88 Sunken Vessel Hydrographic Survey & UW Hazards Survey

Poni Marine surveyed the sunken Dolphin88 vessel for Marine Port Authority Brunei Darussalam (MPABD); a post-accident vessel salvage survey, a UW hazards & pollution survey, & a hydrographic survey with bathymetry & seabeds features charts to determine safe clearance to ensure safe navigation using Multibeam Echo sounder System & Side Scan Sonar.
SUBSEA - Vessel Services (Propeller Disentanglement)

SUBSEA - Vessel Services (Propeller Disentanglement)

2015-03-23 - Posh Concorde Propeller Disentanglement & Thruster Inspection

Poni Marine divers completed a propeller & thruster inspection and leak assessment for Posh Semco, Singapore, for their vessel, Posh Concorde, at Muara Outer Anchorage.
SUBSEA - Inspections & Surveys (UW Surveys)

SUBSEA - Inspections & Surveys (UW Surveys)

2014-11-12 - PMB Waterways Magnetic Anomaly Survey

Poni Marine Dive Team spent 5 days investigating magnetic and coral anomalies for Maju Geohydro Sdn Bhd at proposed BPMC (Berakas Power Management Company) submarine power cable routes along the Berakas coastal area and at the Muara-PMB channel. Earlier hydrographic & UW magnetic surveys had been done and discovered these anomalies.

Our divers were required for underwater ground truthing surveys with a UW metal detector to investigate any potential hazards for the next phase of the project. Various objects like discarded tyres, small trailers, marine debris, small boat engine, mooring blocks, and an old forgotten artificial reef building program with cement triangular structures were discovered.

SUBSEA - Inspections & Surveys (UW Surveys)

SUBSEA - Inspections & Surveys (UW Surveys)

2014-10-16 - Tasek Lama Dam Inspection

Our divers were called out to survey the Tasek Lama intake tower for Seri Ghanimi Contractor Sdn Bhd to identify the type of penstock installed for parts replacement and repair of its valve & spindle in zero visibility conditions.
Subsea - Scientific Diving
SUBSEA - Scientific Diving (Marine Sample)2

SUBSEA - Scientific Diving (Marine Sample)

2019-03-05 - Sand Sample Collection Vibrasourcing - SCIENTIFIC

Poni Marine was contracted for a sand coring job for Ocean Quarry & Construction Sdn Bhd at the Tutong coastal area using vibracoring to collect sand samples.
SUBSEA - Scientific Diving (Substrate Survey)2

SUBSEA - Scientific Diving (Substrate Survey)

2019-02-12 - Brunei Natural History Dept Coral Survey Support

The Poni Marine Dive Team was contracted to support the Brunei Natural History Department with boat & equipment hire and support on coral survey techniques for documentation of Abana Reef.
SUBSEA - Scientific Diving (Marine Sample)

SUBSEA - Scientific Diving (Marine Sample)

2016-05-31 - UBD Deepwater Sand Sample Collection

To support Dr Antonino’s research at the University of Brunei Darussalam on sand fossils at our seabeds, our divers were commissioned to collect sand samples at 3 points, 40m, 50m, and 60m depths with a coring tube and collection bags. Our divers successfully conducted the sand sample collection dive on JJ-CCR rebreathers.
Maritime Projects
MARITIME - Engineering (Docked Vessel Support)

MARITIME - Engineering (Docked Vessel Support)

2019-09-21 - Special Platform Design & Fabrication - ENGINEERING

Poni Marine Engineering Team was commissioned to design & fabricate a special gangway platform for an arriving Navy Vessel as its deck height was not suitable for Muara Port on short notice. A container was modified and used efficiently on a short turnaround time of 5 days.
MARITIME - Port Support (Docked Vessel Support)1

MARITIME - Port Support (Docked Vessel Support)

2019-10-10 - Muara Port Oil Boom & Buoy Deployment

The Poni Marine Boat Team regularly offers ongoing support services to arriving foreign Navy Vessels at Muara Port to deploy oil boom and marker buoys around the vessel and other supporting services like boat charters or standby boats.
MARITIME - Maritime Safety (Oil Spill & Fire Training)2

MARITIME - Maritime Safety (Oil Spill & Fire Training)

2019-04-19 - Hengyi Industries Oil Spill Training

Our boats have been chartered for oil spill training exercises at the Muara coastal areas by Hengyi Industries for their HSE protocols and are trained for oil boom setup and mobilization in response to an oil spill emergency.
MARITIME - Maritime Transport (Boat Charters)

MARITIME - Maritime Transport (Boat Charters)

2018-01-10 - Hengyi Industries PPK PMB 600 Students Daily Shuttles

Poni was awarded the boat transportation contract for Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd to shuttle the 619 trainees of the Capacity Building Center (PPK) from the Serasa Ferry Terminal to the PMB Island for their apprenticeship at the Hengyi Petrochemical Plant before the completion of the PMB Bridge. Up to 8 of our speed boats were used daily with backup & safety boats on standby for this large operation for 5 months successfully and safely.
MARITIME - Maritime Transport (Expeditions)

MARITIME - Maritime Transport (Expeditions)

2017-06-16 - Louisa & Royal Charlotte Reef Exploratory Expedition

Poni led a second exploratory expedition to the Louisa Reef & the Royal Charlotte Reef in the Spratly Islands, 120 nautical miles offshore with a chartered yacht, this time with 7 onboard. Schools of pilot whales and dolphins were encountered on the way out. Pelagics like white-tip & black-tip sharks, whale sharks, manta rays and turtles were found at Royal Charlotte Reef
MARITIME - Engineering (Engineering & Fabrication)

MARITIME - Engineering (Engineering & Fabrication)

2017-04-19 - Small Work Barge Design & Fabrication

After winning a project tender bid to build and deploy two 2-ton cement mooring blocks for the Ministry of Primary Resources & Tourism our engineering team designed and built our own work barge 40 feet x 11 feet, Poni Alpha 1, with a deployment hatch in the center for the cement block and a A-frame hoist overhead the hatch.
MARITIME - Maritime Transport (Boat Management)1

MARITIME - Maritime Transport (Boat Management)

2014-12-23 - University of Brunei Darussalam Boat Management

The Poni Boat Team was contracted to manage, park, launch, maintain, and handle the University of Brunei Darussalam’s new flagship research catamaran boat, the BIO-FOS II across 1 year. Services included boat modification & repairs and engine & trailer repairs.
MARITIME - Maritime Transport (Expedition)1

MARITIME - Maritime Transport (Expedition)

2014-09-04 - Louisa Reef Exploratory Expedition

Poni led a first exploratory expedition to Louisa Reef, Spratly Islands, in recent decades, 120 nautical miles offshore. A trimaran sailing yacht was chartered with 9 onboard for a 5 days trip with one of our dive boats in tow. Low winds made for slow sailing out. On arrival, 100m drop-offs with 100m visibility, and teeming marine life awaited. Dr David Lane from the University of Brunei Darussalam was onboard and discovered a new starfish species, Neoferdina sp, at 38m depth, on this expedition. There are only 8 types of Neoferdina species on the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) and this is the 9th addition to the genus of the sea star. Another rare species, the red-lined sea cucumber, Thelenota Rubrolineata was also discovered here, an uncommon and surprising find at Louisa Reef. A 19th century anchor from a Spanish galleon was also discovered on this trip.
Media Projects
MEDIA - Media Project Support2

MEDIA - Media Project Support

2019-07-17 - One Warrior Series TV Episode Production Support

Our Media Team was commissioned to provide media project support for the filming of an episode from a regional TV MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Show, One Warrior Series, providing car drivers, tour guides, boat support, and UW video and photo footage for their TV production team.
2018-09-15 - International Coastal Cleanup Brunei Gas Carriers Video

MEDIA - UAV Drone Media

2018-09-15 - International Coastal Cleanup Brunei Gas Carriers Video

Poni organized the underwater cleanup at Jerudong Beach in conjunction with the Brunei Shell Joint Ventures (BSJV) International Coastal Cleanup, working together with Brunei Gas Carriers (BGC) at selected site, Jerudong Beach. Our Media Team covered the event with land and air footage by UAV drones with an edited video to promote marine conservation and motivate the public to join local conservation efforts.
MEDIA - Media Project Support

MEDIA - Media Project Support

2017-08-19 - CNN Media Project

Poni Marine hosted the film crew from CNN HK and provided ground logistics, transportation by land & sea, assisting with production with location selection, interviews with local businesses and government for a complete story on one of our projects, “Sketching the Wrecks of Brunei” and provided UW photos and video footage shown on CNN media. It was CNN’s first time to Brunei with our Media Team instrumental in assisting with visas & permits for media passes resulting in a positive portrayal of Brunei as a tourism destination on international news.
MEDIA - Media Project Support2

MEDIA - Media Project Support

2014-06-08 - Fisheries Dept World Ocean Day Media Project

Our Media Team, Dive Team & Events Team organized the World Ocean Day for the Fisheries Department with Guest of Honor, YB Pehin Yahya Hj Bakar diving together with renowned coral scientists to promote Poni’s Coral Propagation Program to the schools and youths of Brunei. Services included event management, dive management, dive guiding, marketing, logistical planning, media coverage above and underwater for Radio Televisyen Brunei (RTB) and social media.
Project Support, Marine Supply & Training
Marine Police Maintenance Workshop2

PROJECT SUPPORT - Engineering & Repairs

2019-04-23 - Brunei Marine Police Tank Hydro & Inspection with Maintenance Workshop

Poni was awarded the contract to complete hydrostatic tests and visual inspections on tanks for the Brunei Marine Police Department. Our dive gear technicians are certified Association of Scuba Service Engineers & Technicians (ASSET) for steel, aluminum, composite tank inspections & hydro, & compressor maintenance with Mares & Scubapro certifications. A basic gear maintenance and servicing workshop was hosted by our technicians for the Brunei Marine Police Diving Unit gear users.
TRAINING - Recreational Diving

TRAINING - Recreational Diving

2018-11-27 - British Forces Brunei Adventure Training

After Poni received its COMMAC (Commercial Ministry of Defense Approved Center) status from the Ministry of Defense UK after passing its rigorous audits, our Dive Team started training military personnel from the British Forces Brunei on a regular basis PADI and BSAC courses.
20171211 - Sofnolime bits

MARINE SUPPLY - Dealer & Supply

2018-04-11 - Brunei Special Forces Sofnolime Sorb Supply

Poni Marine is an authorized dealer for Sofnolime Sorb products. Sofnolime Sorb 797 is used to remove carbon-dioxide from rebreathers and is also used by our rebreather divers. Poni supplied sorb to the Brunei Special Forces, Ministry of Defense through Royal Brunei Technical Services (RBTS) for the use of their military oxygen rebreathers.
2017-03-27 - Tourism Diver Training

TRAINING - Recreational Diving

2017-03-27 - Brunei Tourism Dept Diver Training

Poni was commissioned to train 12 divers from the Tourism Department, Ministry of Primary Resources & Tourism, for recreational diving, completing their PADI Open Water, and later, the PADI Advanced Open Water, so the department can better understand our rich marine resources for tourism. Everyone completed the training successfully and safely and they continue to dive actively.
2011_09_01 - Museums Diver Classroom Poolside

TRAINING - Recreational Diving

2013-03-12 - Brunei Museums Diver Training

Poni was awarded the contract to train and develop divers from the Brunei Maritime Museum and the Brunei Natural History Department, Ministry of Culture Youth & Sports, to form an advanced diving unit with archaeological diving capabilities with its own assets. Government officers were selected to join participating in PADI Open Water, PADI Advanced Open Water, and later PADI Rescue Diver courses.

A round of applause to Poni for their consistent professionalism and efficiency with their boat charter services. Especially to Thye who personally oversaw all proceedings from beginning to end to ensure the smooth running of things. Also a big shout-out to the Poni team for being so approachable and flexible! Will definitely be recommending their services to anyone who needs it.

Ben Siah BFVehicle Management, Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd, Brunei

Poni provides excellent customer service, good job of understanding our requirements and providing solutions to meet those requirements. The staff is very responsive, either by phone or email, and takes excellent care of their clients. In short - Poni always delivers.

Wan Mohammad Azif Haji AripDiving Coordinator / 3.4U Underwater Inspection Engineer, ROV Resources Sdn Bhd & Amaniaga Resources Sdn Bhd, Brunei & Malaysia

We had some tank cleaning work of several tanks on a marine vessel which had to be carried out offshore in anchorage. This activity was carried out for a few days and we needed to find a way to support our 24-hour operation. Poni helped us by providing daily transportation for our crew; sent the crew's meals and delivered fuel for our equipment which was on the marine vessel. We manage to complete the job without coming back onshore and on time with Poni's boats. Looking forward to working with them again in the near future.

Masrhiem TaufikCEO / Director, Esca Marine & Engineering Sdn Bhd, Brunei

We have known and worked together with Poni on various jobs such as underwater inspection at the Butra Heidelberg Cement Jetty, underwater recovery of construction materials at jetty construction sites and other marine services such as Restoration Lateral Beacon for 1AW for MPABD at the Muara Channel Approaches, etc. All were performed timely & professionally and according to requirement with complete approvals. We look forward to working together with Poni on more upcoming projects.

Goh Kee PoonYeng Tong Construction Sdn. Bhd.